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Plant Turnaround Management Course

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Our Plant Turnaround Management Course constitutes a three-day Practical Training to bring all theoretical knowledge and experience into Industrial practical application.

The most demanding call on maintenance Managers and personnel comes when a plant is shut down for a period of time for maintenance. Usually, a large volume of work must be completed in a relatively short period of time. The course will introduce participants to the concepts associated with the successful planning and execution of a Turnaround/major Shutdown.

The course is available at a reasonable price with custom-designed features according to your unique needs and delivered by extremely experienced Trainers.

Why Join Our Course

The effective operation of a plant during its production cycle is dependent in part on the planning and execution of turnarounds. One characteristic of the turnaround is intensive work on maintenance and modernization carried out by several hundred contractors employed in the same area and according to a tight time schedule.

For this reason, it is imperative that personnel involved in turnaround planning and execution have the expertise to carry out their duties successfully. The primary objective of a turnaround is to reduce the overhaul revenue expenditure through improved efficiency and performance with improved reliability and mechanical availability following unit overhauls.

We have designed a hands-on, highly interactive Plant Turnaround Management short training course that includes various practical sessions and exercises to educate and train you to counter all aspects of turnaround planning and execution.

Syllabus and What You Will Learn

  •  Introduction

  •  Phases of the Turnaround

  • The Steering Committee

  • The Core Team

  • Budgeting

  • Turnaround Frequency

  • Work Planning

  • Work Scheduling

  • Network Diagrams

  • The Gantt Chart

  • Resource Levelling

  • Work Scope Control

  • Contracting

  • Organization

  • Logistics and site preparation

  • Waste Management

  • Typical Operations Carried out during a Plant Turnaround

  • Breaking containment of process lines or vessels

  • Entry of confined spaces

  • Easy Bolting

  • Quality

  • Turnaround responsibilities

  • Communication

  • Progress Reporting

  • Typical equipment workscope

  • Health and safety aspects

  • Safety Planning

  • Commissioning and final report

  • Boxing Up Procedure

  • Start-up preparations

  • Final report

  • Final Assessment Exam

  • Course Evaluation

After completing the course, you will be able to manage all the above challenges and skills in planning and executing a successful Turnaround. This course will help you to bring your theoretical knowledge into real-world application.


Who Needs to Join

This course is ideal for persons who are Practicing technicians and engineers in any industrial field involved in plant turnaround maintenance:

  • Project Engineers

  • Maintenance Planners

  • Shutdown Managers and Coordinators

  • Technical Personnel

  • Maintenance Supervisors and Operations staff involved in Turnarounds

  • Maintenance Personnel

  • HSE Officers


This Plant Turnaround Management training course is a crash course specially designed for those who know scientific theory and lack how to do practices. We assume whoever is taking this course possesses sufficient theoretical knowledge and is highly enthusiastic to learn the required skills in a short duration of time.

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